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A prospect to holism

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"…once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return"

Leonardo Da Vinci.

Our vision

We envision a global-society

Mission statement

Godinci is an independent organization that is not political, commercial or religious motivated.


Godinci objectives are threefold

  1. To restore a truth related holistic picture of Nature and self
  2. To lay down the blueprint for the construction, preservation and unfoldment of a sustainable global-society
  3. To develop and design all tangible means that facilitates the principles of harmonation and maximize our becoming towards our cosmic purpose


We try to attain this by

What does Godinci Academy offer

So far we have done 14 years of research and investigated how Nature as a whole has to be investigated to come to truth related conclusions about the underlying principles upon which the universe is build.
Today we have a rigorous scientific truth alignment methodology at hand we came to call “Godincilogy” that allows us to understand ‘self’ and ‘the universe as a whole’ from the Primordial and Holistic level.

We’re therefore eager to share this knowledge with you by outlining and conveying you:

With this in light, different courses have been developed to enable you to become the second generation Leonardo da Vinci of tomorrow.

Sagi M. & Polo K. founders and unfolders of Godinci