“If you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority and base your reasoning on your own findings.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Why enrolling in our courses

Why studying Godincilogy

Our concept of truth doesn’t only determinate our understanding of the world and self but also the way we live or lives.
It’s therefore important that our insights – i.e. our world view – correspond with the true nature of things.

These days truth is a matter of reference points.
All seemingly depends on the way how and from where we look to things; as if a dog becomes a chair because we look to it upside-down.
In such a worldview the unchangeable becomes changeable, and vice versa, and is doomed to collapse.

This brings us to the following question:

“What is truth?”

Obviously, determining what is true and what is right is not always so straightforward because there are different kinds of truths out there, such as:

Thus, we cannot always extract or deduce the truth potential of any proposition what so ever.

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However, there are universal truths out there – i.e. absolutes – that by means of observable facts, known things and commonsense related reasoning can always be extracted, deduced and agreed upon by each and all of us because they deal with the essential nature of Nature Herself.
These truths are self-evident when properly understood.

Evidently, it’s not because a truth is self-evident that we’ll all agree with them; yet, the reason of the denial is often obscure and/or predispositional.

The Renaissance man ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ took observation of the perceptible as the structural basis for life comprehension as a whole.
Starting from men as central object he tried to find the deeper underlying relations that encircle us.

However, Leonardo da Vinci was not so much after the deeper underlying work-principles of Nature (all has its time and all in his time) but focused through the toolbox of observation, experimentation and commonsense related reasoning his attention rather on understanding the observable work-mechanisms.
This allowed him, as no one else of his time, to analyze and reproduce observable Nature to the advance of mankind.

later on in his life Leonardo da Vinci realized that every methodology that starts from object without more – i.e. the mechanisms in themselves – could never lead to true insights since the universe is much more than a bunch of coagulating matter forming all wonders of bliss.
Thus, if men tries to comprehend physical reality as a whole through study of Her work-mechanisms without insights in Her underlying work-principles than we might be certain that most of these insights and conclusions that follow here from, apart from the fact that some in more or inferior degree partially result in workable solutions, will mostly produce a fictitious picture of the nature of the factual world as a whole.

Science can only do what her tools allow her to do, and so, if we want to deduce and understand the underlying work-principles of Nature as a whole than a more refined toolbox is needed to do the job.

That’s why Godinci has developed a new revolutionary scientific truth alignment methodology we came to call ‘Godincilogy’.


Godincilogy, amongst other things, will:

  1. allow all truth seekers, each according to his/her own mental containing capacity and skills, by means of the observable facts, known things and commonsense related reasoning, to come to truth related conclusions of the underlying work-principles of Nature as a whole
  2. permit you to transmute this understanding , each in proportion to his/her own mental containing capacity and skills, in all wonders of bliss by liberating the Leonardo da Vinci that is captured in all of us
  3. become participants for the planning, building, preservation and unfoldment of the new global-society that operates in accordance to the principles of Harmonation and maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose


Course outline

We intent to give three courses that form one Pyramid of knowledge.


The first two courses are related to analytic Godincilogy while the final course is the applied form of Godincilogy – i.e. Baraneering.

  1. Base Course: The world we live in
  2. Step Course: The principles of Harmonation (available in May 2016)
  3. Apex Course: These are personalized courses that depends on a person’s own field expertiece (avilable 2017)


Remark: The STEP COURSE cannot be started before the BASE COURSE was successfully completed and the APEX COURSE cannot been started before the student has successfully ended the STEP COURSE

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APEX Course - Baraneering

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