‘I am not to blame for putting forward, in the course of my work on science, any general rule derived from a previous conclusion.’

Leonardo da Vinci

The Principles of Harmonation

The intention of the step course is to show you how we, by means of Godincilogy, can extract and understand most of the fundamental laws and underlying governing work-principles of nature that are vital for the well being of all beings.

This will be done in a stepwise manner by teaching you how to travel thru the labyrinth of space while continuously confronting you with Nature and self, so that you, in the process of it, will not only become able to collect all crucial information that is needed to extract the underlying principles of harmonation upon which the universe is build, but in addition to that will comprehend with the mental eye, each in accordance to his/her mental containing capacity, all fundamental laws of Nature without needing to be a rocket scientist. Indeed, this privilege belongs to all of us since the laws are inherent in all of us!

Course description:

Important! The development of this course is still in progress and will only be available online starting of May 2016.


In our base course we have deduced our main thesis regarding the nature of physical reality and used this to deduce other relations and develop Godincilogy. However, much people, maybe you to, will not accept our conclusions and methodology as truth related conclusion and give all kinds of arguments, some more defendable then others, to try to discredit  Godincilogy.

We’ll therefore in our STEP COURSE “the principles of Harmonation” demonstrate irrevocably the truthfulness of Godincilogy by deducing knowable things of Nature that could only be predicted due to something that is a direct and/or indirect consequence of our central thesis that results from our study Module I “what matters matter and would have been hard to extract and predict otherwise.

We’ll also demonstrate you how it becomes quite possible to understand all fundamental laws of Nature by showing you amongst other things how Godincilogy enables you to extract and deduce the Principles of Harmonation and formulate, if possible, testable related predictions which afterwards can be investigated and falsified by the structural science.

Our STEP COURSE "The principles of harmonation" will have at least 9 modules!

Key concepts of investigation in our STEP COURSE:

Energy, limitations of reaction rates and biological entities, stress reduction, obstrulition, kinds of tensions, tension adjustment mechanisms, motivation, homosexuality, transgendercy, embryology, Primity, monopoles, duality, polarity, information, electrical charge, procreation, reproduction, attraction laws, particle spin, love, the scientific Adam, the universal binding principles, etc.

Currently there are no modules in this course

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