Although nature commences with reason and ends in experience it is necessary for us to do the opposite, that is to commence with experience and from this to proceed to investigate the reason

Leonardo da Vinci


Overall course overview

This course is meant to develop a basic understanding of self and the universe as a whole, and is mainly designed for all those that are pondering about the nature of reality and self and want to be enabled thru means of observable facts, known things and commonsense related reasoning to produce and/or restore a holistic picture without being absurd.

We’ll start our course by investigating the nature of physical reality as a whole and analyzes if scientific materialism holds true – i.e. matter is all there is.

This will be done by asking several related investigational questions concerning physical reality, and develop through observational facts and related commonsense reasoning truth related answers.
Once we get a good idea of what matter and energy are we’ll investigate the consequences hereof.

Afterwards we’ll investigate how the inanimate and animate world relates to each other and how their enfoldment came about.
We’ll than start with a brief but necessary investigation into the structure of space so that we can better understand its unfoldment.

At this stage the student we’ll have understood that there is an eminent need for a new refined scientific truth alignments methodology.
Here is where we’ll outline to you Godincilogy.

Key concepts of investigation in Base course

Force, energy, relation and difference between inanimate and animate things, the nature of matter, the scientific method, mathematics, quantum nonsense, why something rather than nothing? What are the minimum universal traceable conditions for the acceptance of GOD? Evolution and its limitations, Harmonation, Structural laws, structure of space, the principles of speciation, GOD, MIND, consciousness, behavior, mathematics, the structure of space and its different planes, unfoldment of behavior, Godincilogy, etc.  

Our Base Course (BC) is subdivided in 6 modules

Module I: WHAT MATTERS MATTER only $25 View module
Module II: GOD & Nature only $25 View module
Module III: WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS only $25 View module
Module V: OUTLINING GODINCILOGY only $25 View module
Free Sample Module - Demystifying the knowable Knower Free Module Sample View module
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