“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

Leonardo da Vinci


Why studying Baraneering 

Important! First APEX COURSE will only be available in 2017

Humans, just as all animate things, are subject to adaptive evolution; however, the adaptive features of humans, in comparison with animate things, are not so much of physical or biological nature – humans, clearly lack in these potentials.

We, by means of our mental containing capacity and high-tech anatomical features, such as our hands, can bypass these shortcomings by producing problem solving tools that largely over-weighs the adaptability of any animal.

Human evolution, in contrast to animal evolution, is not longer simply a matter of adaptation to external pressures and conditions, but overall a directional process that can be accelerated by all of us.

It’s therefore not enough to produce a vision of Nature and self that coincides with the true nature of things, we should also transmute the acquisitioned knowledge in tangible that are prolific and beneficial for building, preservation and unfoldment of the new global-society as a whole that facilitates the principles of harmonation and  maximizes our becoming towards our cosmic purpose.

This is where Baraneering comes in.

In a sense we might say that ‘Baraneering’ is to ‘Godincilogy’ as ‘engineering’ is to ‘science’ – i.e. science, just as Godincilogy, tends to explore and discover the laws of Nature, while engineering, just as Baraneering, tends to transform the acquisitioned knowledge in to tangible means.

The Apex Course “Baraneering” contains 7 specialized fields:

Each of these courses stand on themselves and are aimed to help you to transmute the knowledge of your own field of expertise into all prolific wonders of bliss.

Our APEX Course - Baraneering is subdivided in 7 modules

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