Christmas message 2016 

Written by Godinci


Woman giving Birth



From strict physical considerations, ‘to be born’ is to ‘come into being’; yet, all what comes into being did so, without say – i.e. we are all forced into existence without our consent and so, we ponder:


Let us reason.

In general, we consider something ‘precious’ when it has ‘intrinsic’ or ‘extrinsic’ value.

 Something has intrinsic value when it has ‘worth in itself’ – i.e. intrinsic value doesn’t depend on our perception, but finds its roots in the reason and purpose of the existence of that thing.

At the other hand, when value is attributed by us to something, then we speak of extrinsic value – thus, extrinsic value is the perceived value of things and is not necessarily contained in the things themselves.

Now, we all experience that growth is that what nourishes our well-being, yet, growth is an intrinsic feature of all natural things, and so, we attribute value to that what is prolific for our essential nature.

If we further realize that in Nature, the intrinsic value of something is always GOD’s attributed value to that thing, then it becomes apparent, that we, just as all beings, be they material or not, value life because it potentiates GROWTH!


Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2017!


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