Easter Message 2015

Written by Godinci

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Our modern age is claimed to be an age of ‘science and reason’, and not of ‘fairy-tales and indoctrination’.
In this regard religious and spiritual guidelines have been replaced by humanistic and atheistic principles that are supposedly developed for the good of all beings.

Atheist and humanist alike, aided by reason and science, unanimous came to the conclusion that “Mother Nature” is the product of “blind chance”, and advice us that although there is no external purpose to life, we should pursue happiness by satisfying our needs and desires, and perpetuate our DNA in tribute to fortuitous Nature.

Whole generations have been tricked to believe that the conclusions drawn by predisposed scientists are sound and don’t have to be questioned any longer; this is why so many of us, in the light of this praised purposelessness, unknowingly succumb to darkness and wander about as donkeys in search for the green pasture that grows on the graveyards of delusional bliss.

I therefore invite you to reanalyze together with us, very briefly, some scientific data at hand, and see, if we can draw for ourselves a truth related conclusion regarding the purpose and meaning of life.


Let us proceed.

Science indicates us with great certainty that all things came into being.

If true, than all things are contingent and cannot determine their own purpose, since all what comes into being is always subject to a set of laws that although inherent in them do not originate from them.  It’s precisely this that makes all things that come into being instrumental.

Now, since the essence of instrumental things is always determined by their function, we might conclude, with great certainty, that the purpose of life is to live our life in accordance with our essence.

And so, to meaning of life is to find – each according to our own mental containing capacity, skills and physical abilities – the appropriate means and forms of expressions that will allow us to evolve and grow in ways that are not only beneficial and satisfactory for our purpose but for humanity as a whole!

Nevertheless, even though life has the same purpose for all of us, it’s up to you to find out by yourself your true essence; of course, we could always point you towards the direction, but just try to walk the path, and you’ll fast discover where to look and how to find it.

Glorious Easter!


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