By PhD. Silvia Iftime in collaboration with Godinci.


where is the money


For a long period of time, more precisely since 2008, the world economy is confronted with an unprecedented economic and financial crisis. We are witnessing, almost impotently, to the increase of prices for the household commodities, durables, public utility services and interests for house or real estate credits.

More and more people from civilized and developed countries have been sacked or lost their jobs and are forced to live on the brink of extreme poverty, with 5-6 Sterling pounds a day.

This situation threatens their future, hinders their capacity to adapt, alters their behavior towards society, reduces their power to build and preserve strong family bounds, but above all strips them of all hopes to live their lives in dignity.

Society thus resemble more and more a contagious mosaic of vulnerable people of all ages needing healthcare services to cure them of zombification, mainly as a consequence of wrong technologization, and perverted means of globalization that inflected upon them psychic and mental diseases and disorders of all kinds.

No matter whether we are old people ready to retire, or young people just starting our life, we are thus asking aloud, where is our money? With this we mean the money generated by the preceding generations and set aside forcefully by legislation.

Moral and ecologic morbidity are other effects of the economic-financial crisis that we are experiencing and add to the other well-known effects, thus potentiating the negativism of a world society that finds itself in a deadlock because of its lack of perspicacity in handling and using public or private funds.

Within this context we are surprised that there are still companies and firms out there that afford to waste money by investing fabulous amounts of money into projects with no perspective to increase human value, thus nonviable. Take CERN and ILC for an example; these companies consume combined more than 40 billion euro of our tax money in projects aiming to validate a delusional mathematical model of our world were all seemingly comes from nothing and life is nothing more than an accidental coagulation of dust-piles growing towards their miserable end of purposelessness that requires the aid of secular science to make this transition livable as soulless utilitarian beings.

What could we have done with this money for the annual economic growth within the conditions of economic recession?

More and more people feel the effects of wrong technologization and the perverted means of globalization. The fast outdating of modern knowledge require the reorganization of education, research, production and distribution systems. However, for a country with mean dimensions and mean economic power, this presumes costs between 10 and 50 billion euro each year.
Irrespective of our position, we, mere individuals or members of a continuously transforming society, are both producers and consumers and for this we need to be informed and protected of any kind of abuse that derives from the failure to observe the technologies which: (1) create goods or services with improper characteristics or aren't in agreement with the acting quality standards, and (2) threaten the environment and the stability of ecosystems, thus the biodiversity as a whole.


The information and protection systems for the consumers and producers (which create goods or services in lohn or franchise system), require first the development of subsystems of control, planning, organization and motivation, able to allow decision-making from the legislative to the local level, on matters of good practices of production and consumption. The establishment of this stimulating system relying on a specific feed-back also presumes costs that may exceed 30 billion USD each year for a larger state.


This stimulating system may affect both directly and indirectly the functioning of the nations and of the world society as a whole because it allows for the appearance and manifestation of the positive premises of correct technologization and a sustainable form of humane globalization due to its connection with:


Healty aproach

All this requires additional annual costs that may reach 42% of the turnover, costs related to maintenance, materialized in information or classical systems for the distribution and control of information used to determine the effects of technologization and globalization and to determine the appearance of their positive premises.

This is why we consider that a conjugated, worldwide, interregional and inter-governmental action of social decision-makers and of other stakeholders, such as non-profit nongovernmental organizations and formal or informal opinion groups, may reach a medium- and long-term goal of control, planning and administrating the public and private financial funds to allow for the development of efficient and good solutions that are adapted to maintain systems in dynamic balance, capable to support and outline optimal sustainable conditions  that enables us to design all tangibles that facilitates our becoming towards our cosmic purpose, be it as individual and/or as the world society as a whole.

Evidently, the maintenance of this global system and of its subsystems, ranging from ecological to strongly technologized productive subsystems, require financial and mental efforts needed to implement them for accomplishment.

In this era of human evolution and globalization the cost of technology would fail to produce positive social and economic effects unless measures are taken to reshape the manner of thinking which start from investigating our true essence and all its relationals and from thereupon to outline and develop the required skills and competences that are needed to make a healthy proactive world society that produces goods and services that are not only in line with the principles of harmonation, but above all, facilitates our becoming towards our cosmic purpose.


To achieve this 3 simple steps are required:

  1. The return to commonsense science and related observational reasoning that is in line with the true nature of things
  2. Global essence education tools (GEET)
  3. ‘Development of’ and ‘training in’ the required skills that enables us, each according to its own mental containing capacity, to develop and maintain the goals of this world-society of which its inner workings operate in accordance with the principles of harmonation and facilitates our becoming towards our cosmic purpose

We therefore demand to stop spending billions of Euros of our tax money in projects that bring no surplus to human value.


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About the author:

PhD. Silvia Iftime

Phd Silvia Iftime was Lecturer in economics at Artifex University, Bucharest 


is an independent organization that is not political, commercial or religious motivated and strives to:

  1. Restore a truth related holistic picture of Nature and self
  2. Lay down the blueprint for the construction, preservation and unfoldment of a sustainable global-society
  3. Develop and design all tangible means that facilitates the principles of harmonation and maximize our becoming towards our cosmic purpose

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