Christmas message 2017 

Written by Godinci



To be born means to come into existence through ‘birth’; yet, not all what is born is alive and not all what is alive was born.
In addition to that, ‘birth’ can be of two kinds, ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual’; however, since ‘spiritual birth’ requires first ‘physical birth’, it implies that ‘the spiritual’ has relational attributes with ‘the physical’.

The paradox is that although we, from biological considerations, were born alive, ‘spiritual’ we were all born death.  
Of course, this does not mean that there is nothing spiritual in us; it is just that the spiritual has to be re-animated through the specific actions we take in our life.

To do this we must use our endowed powers and faculties to shape our action-driven thoughts towards GOD, because only this can animate that what was born death in us!


Merry Christmas & re-animated 2018!


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