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Within a technologized world in which globalization plays a catalytic role, education and the professional formation and reconversion are not only of great importance for the aspiration of the young generations but also for families and nations as a whole. The economic and financial crisis that we are all experiencing since 2008 only potentiates the need for people to adapt to radical changes.

Are the current systems of education, research and development of continuous professional formation and reconversion, ready to answer the changing needs of a hyper-technologized society?

The answer is partially yes. Why partially? Because just in a few countries worldwide the educational system changes according to economical needs, giving not only a chance to any person with outstanding natural capabilities, but also to the disabled, unemployed, or young seeking for a job, to undergo training that will increase his/her odds to gain a living; whether this job is according to his/her aspirations is all together another question.

The costs of maintenance and operation of such educational systems may reach 60 billion euro each year for an average country, as territory and economic development.

The civilized and developed states allocate each year 8-12% of the GDP for education, formation and research-development. The financial funds must be used adequately in order to develop personalities able to cope with the increasingly exigent requirements of current society.

However, we wonder whether even the best performing systems worldwide are really performant, or if they are perfectible.

The answer is that they are perfectible, because although they approach and promote values from different, broad fields of knowledge ranging from the exact sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology) to humanist sciences (economy, sociology, psychology), they don’t promote holistic approaches in their curricula, able to help us answer questions such as:



Evidently, considering the present moment educational, formational and spiritual accumulations, the answers to these questions seem now impossible to give because the educational, productive, commercial and social work systems do not prepare us to operate in a holistic, global manner, using specific instruments for the accumulation of knowledge, information, skills and attitudes; hence, they are not actually helping mankind to become proactive within the local and global community able to represent a true catalyst for the required social and economic changes neither to enable them to bring into discussion the actual needs at the individual and global level.


Today, humans have to satisfy society's needs that not only largely hinder us of growing towards our cosmic purpose but above all force us to dance, as marionettes, on the false promissory notes of decadent, meaningless and future-less society.

Mankind is therefore not only in a systemic crisis but above all in a crisis of values. Just look how many have learnt to withdraw their hands to poor families in need of food or moral support, condemn drugs addicts that became victim of societal burdens, or look suspiciously to single parent families that have to raise their children in all difficulty by themselves.

Not to mention that: 12% of the global population lives below the threshold of poverty (as admitted by the particular countries); 21% of the unemployed people are young people aged 15-20 of which 27% are women while 9% of them are people with disabilities.

The current systems of education, formation, professional re-adaptation or reconversion do not have enough funds: 10-50,000 euro per year for a person for its education and professional conversion or reconversion, continuous formation, reconversion of the people with physical, mental and social disabilities, as it happens in civilized countries. And this, within the conditions in which renowned companies such as CERN and ILC spend huge funds on projects that pursue delusional secular ideas with no perspective to increase human values.


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PhD. Silvia Iftime

Phd Silvia Iftime was Lecturer in economics at Artifex University, Bucharest 


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