Easter Message 2018

Written by Godinci



To ‘sin’ simply means ‘to act against our Divine essence’; now, although we're Spiritual beings we're all born in the flesh, and so, often offend GOD through sin.

We therefore ponder: how to live in fellowship with GOD?


Let us find out!

The Christian narrative points out that Christ was GOD’s only begotten Son and was free of Sin; it also outlines that we were forgiven from our past sins through GOD's acceptance of Christ’s request to pay in full for our past sins through his sacrificial death, so that we should not perish but may live.

Now, just as parents normally love their children, GOD ‘certainly’ beloved His unbegotten son; we might therefore conclude that ‘true forgiveness’ from the Spiritual point of view, is a twofold process, because, not only the one that asks for forgiveness must do so by ‘giving that what is precious to us’ but also the one that accept our forgiveness must do so.

And so, just as we must seek reconciliation with each other for our wrong doings, we must seek reconciliation with GOD for our sins by giving GOD that what is precious to Him and comes from our Heart –  i.e. OUR LOVE – because only that what comes from the heart can be accepted by the heart, hence, truly be forgiven and assure our 'fellowship' with GOD.


Glorious Easter!!!



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